this is me now


no-no to no-no

ace and i put up the tree today----and put back about 4 big buckets full of ornaments, nativities and other decoration we will not be putting up this year...all lovely---all very breakable....we also trimmed the tree on the bottom only with ornaments that we knew would put up with little hands. (the lack of lights on the bottom is due to last year's puppy, Lucy, chewing the heck out of anything in HER reach!)

in the past we have put our 'octagon' around the tree to keep the crawlers and toddlers from pulling the tree over or eating everything within arms' reach----but since our one crawler (beth "incredibles" hall) wont be here til a few days after christmas, we will hold off on enclosing the tree.

Leah & the boys will be here for a day or two this week---and i dont want to say "no-no" the whole time they are here---so instead i just wont put out what will break or be dangerous....Jonas and Cannon are both old enough (haha---really, merf?----2 is old enough?---have you ever SEEN a two year old?---tsk, tsk---so naive---so innocent) anywho----they are old enough to be told only once or twice a day "no-no---dont touch the tree"....grandma's house doesnt like being a no-no kinda place
 we also put up a playground in the backyard----our christmas present to ourselves---Joe, David & david hall (and ace before he went to work) worked ALL day the saturday after Thanksgiving putting it together----you remember that saturday? coldest and windiest day of the fall so far? yeah---that day---playground was finished at about 530---just in time for Ben Hall and Jonas nelson to go outside and climb up the climbing wall and go down the slide a couple of times before they froze---and jonas didnt care---he didnt want to come in.
 cannon went down the slide sunday morning before church---then realized "its cold!" and he was done.
david worked for about a week putting the accessories together and getting everything ready for
"the build" 
 jonas making his way up the climbing wall to the fort---looks like he is helping to build it!
(notice in the background of the picture with Jonas on the ladder---david hall is putting ben in time-out for pushing or hitting---i dont remember which---but david is saying "no-no" (haha---i thought that was funny)

along with that we redid our back family room area---make it more 'kid-friendly'---buckets-in-a-cabinet for toys with a tv/dvd for their movies and a futon for adults that want to oversee (and a place for ace to sleep while the girls and fams take over the upstairs)

 ace has declared this his 'mancave'---set up his game systems and 2 tv's (really---why 2?)---they will depart when the short men come to the house.

i'd much rather have a yes yes house than a no-no my pretties and preciouses will be put up for a year or two---or a decade or two---my pretties and preciouses (oooh---can you tell i've been watching LOTR lately?---picture me in a dishtowel type loin cloth---well, no---dont---anyway---back to my preciouses) are now 3 mo, 5 mo, 10 mo, 2 yrs, 2 1/2 yrs, 2 3/4 yrs and 3 yrs.


Lyric said...

lovely! you are such a good grandma--the kids will definitely remember your house for how fun it is!

Christie said...

LOL This is the first year I've put up some of my breakable decorations...because, yes, a 2 year old is so grown up.

Ashley said...

You are such a nice grandma! It's taken my MIL a few years to figure this out - luckily this year she is not putting up her tree and will be putting her breakables out of reach. Yes, kids need to learn not to touch stuff, but a week at grandma's house (especially if you only get to go once or twice a year) is not the place to learning it! And besides, the grownups in my family tend to be clumsy and careless sometimes too! Our Christmas tree is bare on the bottom branches too :) Oh, and my MIL was smart enough to realize putting the presents under the tree beforehand might not be such a great idea either - Claire really loves to rip paper!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Smart Grandma. :)

Katie said...

You are so wise.

Piter and Heidi said...

That's the way to do it!!!! Now if we could only keep the cat from climbing around the wonder curiosity killed it!!!