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thankful for....

days that give me the opportunity to be reminded of how blessed i am.

Thanksgiving 2011---Jasmine, Ben & Beth had been here for 3 weeks---so much fun---got to play and hold and watch---grateful for time!    David Hall arrived Tuesday night...grateful for him letting us have his family for so long.  Leah & Joe and the boys came on Thanksgiving Day and stayed thru Sunday morning---the party is on!  My sister, Eden and her lovely husband, Bill came up from Lago Vista, TX (down by Austin) and stayed til Friday----grateful for having family IN texas! Eden brought up 5 GORGEOUS pies and a lovely fall flower arrangement---thankful for generous and tasteful people.  We were well on our way to a wonderful feast.

 J Howard Davis came for dinner and watched the Cowboy game for a bit as well....yay for a win!  Our menu was a combination of gluten-free, diabetic-friendly and traditional thanksgiving food...citrus-brined turkey, 2 kinds of stuffing, garlic & lemon green beans, my niece Jennifer's AMAZING won-ton sausage appetizer....mmmmm grateful for FOOD.

after the meal---david hall, joe, ace and david went out to the back yard to work on the playground installation....(see previous post).  We got out the push car, the double stroller and the POWER WHEELS (side note---having a son that works at goodwill and texts you pictures of the GREAT stuff that comes in---BONUS!----got it for $7 WORKING!).  Ben and Cannon had a great time 'driving'---yeah---now i see why we dont let 2 and 3 yr olds drive (yes---cannon just turned 3---*sigh* the kids are growing up :).  we headed over to the playground at the school across the street----Bill, Jasmine, Eden & I watched the boys run and jump and slide (Beth and Porter stayed in their stroller happy as bugs).  It was fun to watch Bill push Jonas on the pushcar....grateful for people who love my grandkids!

 eden happily took on the job of pushing porter and beth in the double stroller---not so easily done on a grassy field!
 beth and porter were all bundled up---thanks Great-aunt Eden for pushing the double!
 jonas loved having Bill push him in the pushcar.
 jasmine was always close at hand to make sure no veering was happening!
 the boys took turns driving the power wheels on the sidewalk (meaning on and off the grass) and in the parking lot of the school....they are such cute friends.
 Beth stood up on her own---what a great baby to let us get it on camera!  even Porter was interested!

that evening we played a rousing game of the Name Game---our favorite! twas a lovely day!

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