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mr milo blitter

i need to blog about christmas, chopped,---other holiday stuff----but i am starting a daily snippet blog----almost a twitter blog---so a blitter? blotter? twigger?  anyway.
history: during December southwest airlines offered a special ONE-DAY sale---buy it today or it goes---1/2 price anywhere---but you have to fly on Jan 24 or 25 or Jan 31/Feb 1-----a tues or a wednesday---so you stay over either one night or a week----not really convenient---i called lyric to see if she wanted to jump on it---but she is in school full-time---so we decided Milo could stay after Christmas and I would fly him back---but stay over only one day (i am doing the show "Big River" at Artisan Theater and that is the last week of regular rehearsals)----Milo will be here with us for 18 days---mommy and daddy and sister, Pyper, left yesterday---so today is our first full day.  each day i hope/plan/resolve to write a snippet of a milo moment.

1/06/12....milo woke up kinda realizing that some special people were missing---kinda lost----when mommy called and he heard their voices BIG SMILE! Uncle Ace took milo out to roll cars down the slide.  Milo LOVES pizza! yay!
miloism: "lucy---get out"  "stop it, lucy" (he's a big fan of lucy!)  and....milo knows how to lock the dog crates---which means that poor chip gets locked in his crate....a lot...poor chip.


Lyric said...

I LOVE this! :) you better keep up with this resolution--I will be nagging you!

Christie said...

Oh my goodness; I can just imagine it as he sounds so much like Jeb!

Rondi said...

You are one brave Grandma.