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news year eve chopped competition

for new years eve we decided to do a variation on the food network show "chopped"---the three couples got their kids to bed---then 'game on'.....ace, david and i were judges....
1. access to my pantry/fridge/freezer
2. $10 for a store-run to buy extra ingredients (all 3 couples piled into a van and ran to the store together)
3.@ 2 hours to make 3 courses----
     a. appetizer to be judged at 20 minutes in
     b. entree to be judged at 40 minutes after that
     c. dessert to be judged 30 minutes after that
we were fairly flexible on timing for our first venture into competitive chef-ery.

plates were judged on presentation, creativity (use of pantry etc) and taste.

2 secret ingredients---marshmallows were revealed at the onset of the competition
                                   french-fried onions were revealed about 1/2 way thru the entree course

Ace set us up a judges table and judging sheets

Team Webb:
appetizer----chicken quesadillas with a nice queso sauce---presentation was very cute
**entree---Ben grilled GORGEOUS chicken breasts outside---honey mustard grilled mushrooms were added to the side as was a rice-a-roni BOXED side dish
dessert---homemade fudge with the marshmallows----cut in a circle---mmmmmmmmmmm
.....btw----team webb does not watch food competition shows----BIG learning curve for them!  but they watched the other teams 'present' their dishes and were right there using the correct verbage.

Team Hall:
appetizer----lettuce wrap with tuna salad with diced carrots (gotta know your judges!)
entree---grilled steak with a DIVINE sauce--- with a pumpkin mash casserole with the french fried onions on top
**dessert---missionary pie----really a peach dump cake----presented in individual dishes---with ice cream on top Hall had just won the Hall family  2011 cupcake wars and chopped competition earlier that week in Beaumont!

Team Nelson:
----interesting this one---leah is gluten-free----Joe is vegetarian (extra funny/interesting---Cannon is a self-proclaimed non-eater at this point, Jonas is no-egg/no-dairy and Porter nurses!)---so---do they cook to please the judges or to their own dietary restrictions?
**appetizer----tomato and basil bruschetta----to perfection---so good---the topping was all from fresh vegetables and herbs---SO GOOD
entree---oops----leah made apple & sausage risotto------BIG FAN----but her brown rice never softened---so they had nothing to show---Joe made some DELICIOUS zucchini, carrot vegetable blend ----big risk here---we arent 'funny' vegetable people (except ace)----but these were SO good.
dessert----gluten free brownie (made in a waffle maker----so clever) with homemade raspberry sorbet on top

what a fun evening---will add pictures in a bit---the winner of each round has the ** next to it

final winner----TEAM HALL---their near perfect dessert, the sauce on David's steak---pushed them over the edge----

                                          three teams----three meals---three hours
 jasmine chopping and preparing the delicious lettuce tuna wraps for their appetizer round
 the kitchen was crazy with 3 different meals being cooked all at the same time!
 leah checking out the plating possibilities from my china closet
 team hall's steak with the pumpkin mash on the side---sauce was made of balsamic vinagarette, french fried onions, marshmallows (major creative points here) and chives
 this is team webbs chicken on a bed of rice with the sauteed honey mushrooms on the side
 the three desserts----brownie with sorbet (marshmallow/caramel spider-webby decoration) fudge with caramel underneath and missionary 'pie'---hmmmm---i didnt get any a&w----hmmmmm---that woulda been bonus points
 yeah---BIG mess----the guys helped me clean it up after we celebrated the stroke of midnight

this was fun--see you next year for round 2!


Ashley said...

Oh my heck - I love it! I LOVE Chopped! I'm thinking we need to do some sort of cooking competition at the Jeppson family reunion this summer!

Rondi said...

That looks like so much fun. A terrific idea.

Sharon said...

That looks like so much fun! What a creative way to get your kids to cook for you!