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an off-year

all of our kids' 'inlaws' live in texas---YAY! so it has been wonderfully convenient that every other year we have everyone at our house---and the other other year they are at the OTHER's homes---then they come to our home--for a delayed christmas.  2 years ago it worked well---we slept in on christmas day---ace opened gifts---we went to brunch, saw a movie---ate out dinner---lovely.....

and----church was only an hour----WHAT THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO THE REST OF THE DAY?

so---we went to my sister and her husband's house in Lago Vista---about 3 hours south o'here by Austin....beautiful drive---casual---let Eden cook---and she is a master---hang out and play games---watch movies---then head back on monday---after a lovely brunch and seeing the movie, Hugo----beautifully done....

eden & bill really outdid themselves---we always have a good time with them---

ace and i christmas morning---dont look at my hair---really---dont
ace continuing the tradition of coming down the stairs in age order

we moved the presents we were opening on Sunday to being under this pathetic stuffed tree
santa claus was very good to ace

ace got a Freeport (my hometown) pretzels t-shirt!
ace got my old cracked-screen itouch
 Eden & Bill got a  cute ice cream cake for dessert
Eden & Bill live on a golf course with deer---so serene!
eden's welcoming fireplace
isnt this the prettiest table!
me taking a picture of eden and bill taking a picture of their table
whew! what could have been a plain old lonesome no good CHRISTMAS day (yes--there is a bit of sarcasm in my speech---wish you could hear it)--became a lovely and relaxing quick near-staycation!

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