this is me now


on the eve of turning 40++....okay 50++++


i love love love this age
i hate hate hate this body
i love love love getting away with stuff because i can (muu-muu's in public)
i hate hate hate the number
i love love love being a grandma
i hate hate hate----nope----i love love love being a mom to adults
i love love love my quiet house----unless the kids want to come---then i love love love the noise
i hate hate hate my quiet life
i love love love my freedom
i hate hate hate my hair---and the profile picture where i have to hold up my chin
i hate hate hate birthdays---not because i hate the event---just hate having to orchestrate my own   birthday.    

happy birthday to me---and if you aint hit this age yet---the best is yet to be.

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Piter and Heidi said...

Maybe when my age matches yours (hahahaha like that will ever happen as long as we live) I will feel the same, for now though...I love love love being me!!! Oh and BTW....I love love love you too, Just the way you are!!!