this is me now


no longer the only child.....his THE OTHERS

cannon, jonas and porter came to the house last night---staying for a few days over my birthday... milo was asleep when they arrived...
cannon, jonas and porter are early risers---they were up and at'em this morning...milo got up a bit later...
he was happy to see cannon, jonas and porter....and then he realized they were here here and here.

he climbed onto grandma's lap---ignoring mommy on skype...just wanted to be held.

cannon, jonas and milo went to story time at the library with grandma and grandpa....milo wanted to be carried.
milo sat in grandma's lap the whole time.

yep---he's no longer the only child.

oh! i get it----these are his THE OTHERS!

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Lyric said...

Oh my goodness! I was wondering how this would go--when we first came up from Judy and Lynn's at Christmas he was pretty clingy to me--more than usual! Just so many kids--it's overwhelming to him! ...but only for a little bit!