this is me now



Milo spent the weekend with THE OTHERS (thats what i call any of my kids' 'inlaws'---its meant totally endearing :)----i try to be very generous with OUR grandchildren with THEM----
anyway---we drove milo down to corsicana to the Jack-in-the-box on the corner of  Interstate 45 and Hwy 31----we pulled up next to THEIR car---handed off the merchandise---got us some egg rolls---and headed home for a childless weekend---well---other than ace---but he hardly counts---you know what i mean-----
we got no skype calls from milo
he didnt call us on our cells
we got no pictures on our phones
i did see a picture of HER and milo at some farm or lake or something---whtvr
monday---we go back to our 'drug-deal-gone-bad' site in corsicana---pull up to HER car (HE didnt come with HER this time----)----told milo to say goodbye to HER---he did----we put him in our car---handed him his goldfish and personal dvd player (with Planet 51 still in it)---and we headed home....
we didnt speak to milo of his time THERE
pretty sure by now there is no memory of it...notice there arent even any pictures of that time----so there will NEVER be a memory of it
my plan has worked...


Lyric said...

hahaha...or should I say "mwahahaha! your plan is working"...evil laugh. lol

Ace Jeppson said...

i do to count as one of your children
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