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bye bye milo final milo blitter---more of a blog.
its interesting----i had one grandchild for 3 1/2 months---then i had two for 6 months---then 3 for 4 months----in 13 months i went from no grandkids to 4---all boys----kinda like a born the next year---then 3 more in 2011---including 2 girls----still like a litter.  when the grandbabies are all here it is like nursery at church---you kinda sit back and watch the mayhem---catching one for a hug as they run by----cuddling the one that is crying....but not a lot of one on one time....this past year i was able to have Ben here for about 10 days just by himself---it was great---got to see his little (no, its Ben-----big BIG personality) and enjoy just him....then when leah had Porter I got to be with cannon and jonas while she was with Porter at the hospital----and since they live just---and i do mean JUST--- 4 hours away----i get to spend time with the  nelson boys more than when they were in far off Utah.

so this was milo's turn----nearly 3 weeks with him----not all partying---naps, bedtimes, baths, "no-no" to him and him right back to me----up at 1 a.m. for a sippy cup of water----got to know mr milo---he is such a chill little guy----TOTALLY his father with his adventurous spirit and his joy and curiousity---his talking jumped up ten-fold during his time here.  he loves to play outside---he has a very happy personality---he gets so excited when he is happy and he has the best sense of humor---he gets the 'joke' and loves to perpetuate it---"wheres grandpa?"----"he's gone!"----"there he is!"----we played that game for 3 weeks!

i'm going to miss finding him in the hall---wide awake---just waiting for an invitation to come out in the morning or after nap....cuddling with him when he gets up----having him call everyone grandma---but putting his arms out for me.....he loves (okay tolerates) my dogs....who is going to pull my hand so i will play cars with him or color with him....i'm going to miss the little guy who lays down and goes to bed without any struggle or argument!

i am not going to miss....1 a.m. sippy cups....trying to grocery shop with a 2 yr old that HATES grocery carts....and i love grocery shopping....going thru GALLONS and GALLONS of milk---milo and ace together are a bad combination for milk consumption.....i'm not going to miss the flailing legs refusing to have his diaper changed...nope---not gonna miss that at all.
i am going to miss milo....he wont remember this time together----but i will.

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Rondi said...

That was so beautifully written. I agree with you that it is fun to have them all together, but one on one time is great.