this is me now


i'm ready for my closeup

the family---left to right back row---me, leah with porter (squirrel!) lyric and pyper, jasmine and beth
front row---david, ace with jonas, joe and cannon, ben and milo, david and ben....

milo (2 yrs 4 months) on the slide---he thinks before he moves

always my favorite picture---pick a pose

nelson clan---they live in houston---joe is in his 2nd year of medical school---leah chases boys all day...and night...and day...much like she did as a young girl (whoa---did i really say that!?! love you little girl! :)

in the leaf pile----front to back---ben, cannon, jonas and milo

porter nelson----4 1/2 months

Jonas (2 yrs old) LOVES being outside---LOVE LOVE LOVE

Ah----the change in the family this year---the addition of estrogen! Pyper (3 1/2 months) and Beth (10 months)

ben and milo on the slide---milo is a clone of his dad---yay?  lol!

best uncle EVER---ace loves his nieces and nephews---you can see how thrilled pyper and porter are to have joined this group....jonas doesnt look very secure either!

Beth----i think she thought she was in a playground made of jelly beans!

milo and ben---joy

its a good picture of david, cannon and porter---ben is trying to escape---milo is yelling at someone---beth and pyper are looking at something (someone over to the right?)---and jonas looks like he's ready to go

ace 17 1/2---just finished high school and started college! woot woot!
(note to ace---shave your neck)

the fam--wow! got a decent picture of everyone! not easily done!

Team Webb---living and loving life in Orlando---ben is a doctoral student in optics and lasers (dont worry---our eyes all glaze over at this point) and lyric is going to school full time (3 semesters left) in early childhood education....milo and pyper give her plenty of opportunities to try out what she's learning.

and the Halls---david is an engineer at Valero's refinery near New Orleans---Jasmine is also 3 semesters from getting her degree in education....and she's growing another student---due July 28, 2012!

joe and jonas---anything better than that face?

Halls used this picture to announce the coming of "tiny" Hall

david and ben----hmmmm---who has a brighter smile?
Lyric and Pyper---love this picture of them together

i LOVE pictures where babies/kids look like they do in real life----lots of pictures of beth and pyper smiling---gotta show the other side!

i feel blessed to have a lovely family----and they arent too bad lookin' either.


Sharon said...

What fun pictures! I love your longer hair. It makes you look very youthful.

Caroline said...

I absolutely adore the picture of you and the hubs with all of the grandkids! Look how full your laps are! That has to be a very happy feeling. :)

Piter and Heidi said...

Nice Nicer and Nicest....this was a very heartwarming, eye appealing,
warm fuzzy kind of blog...Good job!!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Gorgeous pictures! I think you are too hard on yourself (aren't we all?), I think you look beautiful. And of course those kids & grandkids of yours are adorable. :) I loved your commentary with the pics too.

Olivia Carter said...

Love those family pictures! SOOO CUTE!

Katie said...

Love these!