this is me now


just thinking out loud....well....on paper

if you have followed me for long (and really---who among us hasnt?)---then you know i have the need to be clever---if i cant be clever---i dont write it----and i am DARN clever in my mind as i drive down the freeway---so when there is a lull in what you have to follow (a clever way of saying "i havent posted in a while)---it usually means i'm not feeling clever.

you also know i dont send out christmas letters---altho i LOVE getting them---i always feel the need to be ---hmmm---how to say it cleverly----BLATANTLY honest about what is going on in my life....


milo is back in florida after 3 weeks with us---david & i shared custody---i had him everyday---then i'd hand him off to david so i could go to rehearsal everynight.

rehearsal---i'm in Big River---musical about Huck Finn by Roger Miller (old country singer from the 60's)...beautiful and CLEVER music...based on ---duh---mark twain's book.....i get to play 2 parts---act 1 i play a bible-thumping slave owner that takes in Huck Finn to civilize him----act 2 i play a backwoods slave owner that wants to take in Huck Finn to civilize him.....hmmm...see a pattern?...maybe the director knows i am a book of mormon thumper who took in children and made them do chores....if you are in the area---come see me.

dancing moose---yes--we continue to do our ethics shows---the guys are in the process of writing another show---yes---still the best job EVER----and no---i dont get tired of travelling.

blackberry vs iphone4s....not even a discussion

jasmine is carrying my 9---COUNT THEM---9th grandchild---the oldest is 3---i watch hoarders and worry----

i'm in the primary presidency at church now----i'm always surprised how much i like little kids---which is good since i have 9 grandkids 3 and under

i have 2 kids i dont talk much about---no way to be clever about this---but they are adults and get to make their own lives---and so do i---relationships have to be mutually wasnt clever at all.

i waffle up and down on the same 20 lbs---i'm on the up right now---OH MY GOODNESS---WAY TOO BLATANT FOR MY SELF-ESTEEM....and i have long hair--- i hatehatehateHATEHATEHATE it.... but a little hairspray makes it look fuller---and i'm told i look younger with it....and i'm letting it go back to blonde with white highlights because a haircutting reality show said that lighter haircolor makes your thin hair look fuller because your SHINY WHITE scalp doesnt show thru as much

i'm in my mid-50' way to clever that up either.....but its not really bad...really.


Rondi said...

I say this a zillion always make me laugh.

Piter and Heidi said...

I'd say you must be Clever Camel's (Sweet Pickles books) Twin!!!