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the curse of the merf re: orlando

orlando...we love much to there....timeshare resorts to enjoy...great weathe-----WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT...not so fast.....
yes---orlando, florida---you do have wonderful weather---EXCEPT WHEN I AM THERE (see---i am always able to make it about me) ....hurricane merf perhaps?
proof is in the pudding:
Aug 2009---Gorgeous weather! but we cant go anywhere because DUH! lyric just had a new baby!
March 2010---STINKIN HOT all day at Epcot---okay---so thats not a hurricane---but it was SO HOT.
Aug 2011---in ORLANDO for my nephew, Brian Ensign's marriage to cute Ashley---there is a HUGE DOWNPOUR right when everyone is at Disney! HUGE HUGE DOWNPOUR---locals say "wow--never seen it rain like this with no hurricane!"
Oct 2011---we all come into town for Pyper's blessing---POURING RAIN all day when we are at Magic Kingdom---David Hall mumbles something about tropical disturbance 35---btw---it was gorgeous the day before AND the day after---just not THE DAY WE GO.again....locals say "wow---this is unbelievable rain for us!"....yeah---
so it must be me.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I kinda have a similar curse...everytime I leave my Northern Utah home, the weather is GORGEOUS while I'm gone! I'll be missing the only days of 70-ish weather while I'm gone this weekend, and then it will be right back to 50's & 60's when I return. BOO!

Lyric said...

yeah.. it's all about you! :)