this is me now


the plan for Pyper Lynn Webb

I flew to Orlando on Saturday night---spent Sunday with Team Webb---there were plans---oh yes---we had plans.....
  • Ben drop off Milo to spend the night at friends---then other friends would take him on Monday during the day--
               but then the Monday day friends had to change the plans---so we went to plan B---other other friends....whew whew whew!
  • Call the hospital at midnight to make sure they arent busy---then go to said hospital for induction at 2 a.m.---
              but then said hospital was busy---busy busy busy (full moon and all)---so we went to plan B---wait for nurse at said hospital to call in 3-4 hours to let us know---rats rats rats
  • Wait out the time waiting for said hospital by resting----rest rest rest---gonna be a busy day the next
             but then Lyric went into labor---contract contract contract----ouch ow ow!---so we went to plan B----stay up all night timing contractions, braiding hair, rolling on exercise ball, showers, baths---distract distract distract
  • Call the hospital at 4 a.m.----rats still busy---
            but a compassionate nurse called back and said to come on in and get checked---                hope hope hope
  • nurse had compassion----:) :) :) and admitted Team Webb and team trainer ( muah) into hospital about 5:45 a.m.
            but said nurse checked Lyric---rats dagnabit rats----all that pain for nuthin----now we need another med before pitocin can work its charm :( :( :(---delay delay delay
  • 'nother nurse said lets check once more BEFORE i give you the delay delay delay drug (okay---she didnt say that---but repetition and consistency is more clever than the truth)---check check check
             but HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY! x2! all that pain and work during the night put Lyric to a 4 almost 5!
  • pitocin/epidural/6/water/check/9.5/wait 30 minutes--- 
but NOTHIN'! PYPER LYNN WEBB 9/12/11 2:11 pm 8 lb 5 oz 20 inches----the hope of hair! she is a beautiful little girl and we are PLEASED AS PUNCH!
                                  good size baby! pediatrician is pretty sure she was over-due!
proud dad and his little girl
what a cute round face!
                                                  lyric did so well---what a trooper!
                                ---her first request was a bite of my burger---but dont tell her i put this in my blog!
happy mommy and daddy
milo came up that evening and was happy to see mom and dad ----
 interested in Pyper for but a moment
                                             milo loved the 'edible arrangments' grapes
 Team Webb can now play doubles


Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

And P.S., tell Lyric it's not fair that she looks so gorgeous right after labor & delivery! ;)

Katie said...

Pyper IS beautiful and so is Lyric. And heck, Lyric must have been starving!!!!

Congratulations to all!!

David Jeppson said...

Great blog as usual. Made it all so real!