this is me now


my favorite genre

my favorite genre---despair....heart-wrenching songs of loss--i wallow in the sadness---listen to one song over and over and over get the are some of my favorites

love her hair--love the video--love the emotion
dont you want me baby--such a clear cry for attention!  love the story---they were obviously on different pages....and who doesnt like a bunch of  overly-dramatic skinny Brits from the 80's?!!!
and the creepiest of all---but one that still puts in me a nosedive---and i HAVE to sing along with it

dear merf,
thanks for posting these songs---
now, when i want to wallow,
 i dont have to search for them---
they are right here! that made it so easy!
   love, merf


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm totally with you on this one...despair is my favorite genre for sure.

Lyric said...

I just KNEW you would be all over that Adele song. It's like--when I heard it the first time, I thought to myself, "that's a meredith kind of a song."

Also, what's the deal? Brandi C. didn't make the cut?

Michelle said...

Eric has never understood my need to listen to sad songs when I'm sad. It's very theraputic for me. I remember when I was in 8th grade, listening to Whitney Houston's "All at Once" while sitting in my room crying because I had made up my mind to break up with a guy. It just hit the spot. Now, I listen to songs that remind me of my mom and I cry because I miss her, but it makes me feel better for being her daughter.

David Jeppson said...

It was quiet and I miss you so I read your blogs. I knew I shouldn't have listened to your favorite genre. It's rainy and thundering outside and too quiet inside. Talk about your mood booster! Love you. See you soon!