this is me now


spending the afternoon with Tom Cruise

....random alert----but as I sat there, in a dark theater, with my husband SOUND ASLEEP next to me, watching a matinee movie with WAY TOO MANY people my own age----my mind wandered...
1. I hate tom cruise
2. I hate tom cruise movies
3. oblivion is a tom cruise movie---that I smiled thru---then was pleasantly surprised that I didn't write the ending mid-way thru the movie....that's a big deal for me---think Sixth Sense
4. it wasn't a bad movie---except it had Tom cruise in it----and the previews were all for sci-fi or movies with The Rock---and I don't like either---and my basic requirement is that if someone avoids death or broken bones more than twice in any given movie---I'm outta there---think James Bond---but I did see and enjoy Skyfall---- sorry---random
5. david fell asleep during the most significant story-line of the movie---and it is very convoluted---and there was just no way to catch him up on it
6. he kept the I-cee in the left hand cup holder of his seat---I was sitting on the right side---so I just sat there and simmered--- mostly that he didn't even notice I was simmering!
7. back to random---so I'm thinking---wow---I should blog about how much I dislike Tom Cruise---and that got me to thinking about all the stuff I have to catch you up on---and how many bullet points I can put in one blog---so I am numbering them so I will know.
okay---quick catch-ups----

my foot---not tendonitis---I have a stinkin plantar plate tear ---caused by my 2nd toe being longer (apparently significantly) than my big toe and I wore HIGH SPIKE HEELS AND FLIP FLOPS AND BAREFOOT for too many years (younger girls pay attention---that means anyone under 50--- my podiatrist said its just getting younger and younger)----so surgery will happen---i'm delaying til the holidays (see my 2012 thanksgiving post---yeah---why not duplicate it!)---mostly because my day job (dancing moose) is in high gear and I have trips planned til end of October---so they will go in and BREAK MY 2ND TOE----PUT IT BACK IN JOINT (think hammertoe but the knuckle goes up---not to the side---its also genetic---my 87 yr old aunt had this same surgery on both feet about 30 years ago---she crawled into her house~! :(....then he (podiatrist) will repair the tear and send me on my way-- pain--- cant be worse than what I have now---and I will never get to wear cute shoes again.

ace---came home from florida (???!!!) end of January---was home for 4 days---then moved around our area 3 times----got his job back at 6 flags---then disappeared again---we think he is in Colorado---this time we know nothing---have heard nothing---- his birthday is on mothers day---yeah---that will be great..... its not as bad as it was---yes it is---i'm just dealing better with it---until I start to blog about it---

lyric and jasmine BOTH graduate----we are all heading to florida to watch lyric walk---jasmine walks online (woot woot WGU night owls!)---we are all DRIVING to florida---caravanning with leah and her 3 (joe is in school---duh!) and picking up jasmine and her 3 (her david flies in 2 days later to save on vacation time----so who is the smart one of THIS family?!)---then drive to Orlando for nearly a week of beach, lyric graduating, grandchildren and quiet---haha---not quiet....not at all.

sam---continues to work in slc---good on him----he reaches out and as long as it is nice---we converse.
molly---continues to be pregnant--- acknowledges to us that she is making poor decisions but she has to do what is best for her----what?

leah---- NOTHING! :) which is good---Joe will be finishing up his medical school requirements around Thanksgiving---then joe and leah and cannon and Jonas and porter will pack up and move up here and "rent" our upper 3 rooms while he goes thru the interview and application for residency process---- he graduates from medical school may 2014---residency starts aug/sept 2014... I cant wait to have---and cringe at the idea----and cant wait---to have those 3 boys every day----now--- I also am very realistic about how long it has been since I've had toddlers in the house every day all day for weeks and months---but i'm ever the optimist---right?

like 13.  really? you are still reading? so I will take a second to thank all of you so much for your concern and prayers and nurturing during horrible2012---- I am grateful every day---and now I tear up---so back to clever---

14. where've I been? spent a few days right around January 1st---did I already write about this?---in Cortez, Colorado with david's mom--- got to spend time with his sister Sharon and her hubs Jim---and her grandkids--- we were snowed/frozen in for 2 days--- we worked on a jigsaw puzzle and ALMOST finished it---then we drove back and went to the  Albuquerque temple---it was a lovely trip.
14.1---spent a divine week in New Orleans (actually Kenner) taking care and playing with Ben, Beth and Bella while jasmine was doing student teaching---had such a great time with those three kids---taught Bella to crawl---really----for reals.
14.2  flew to Orlando--via Oklahoma city thru Denver to arrive in Orlando at 530 a.m. to surprise lyric and ben (only the babysitter knew I was coming) over a long weekend that david was going to be out of town and I didn't want to be home alone (think me with my hands on my cheeks with a screaming expression)---so david worked his flight points magic and I red-eyed it to play with milo and pyper for a few days while lyric was doing HER student teaching----at some point I will post that video.
14.3---very tender----got to watch an adoption as an interested outsider----a girl that I've watched grow up let me be part of the very spiritual/very difficult/very beautiful process of the birth and placement (let me be clearer---the adoptive parents stayed with us for about 2 weeks before and after the birth of the baby while the paperwork was being completed)---having been on the receiving end of growing my family thru adoption, this was a very special experience.

15. our backyard and front yard---that is our next project---my sister Eden is helping us with the artistry---I've redone a couple of chairs in the back---we added a trampoline----david replaced the gate---thanks to him I have a blog about my church talk "good enough for Freeport"----we live to blog another day.

no pictures---that will come---I've given myself a couple of post ideas up thru these numbers---- my hair continues to grow---I had tinsel in it for a few months---now I am starting hair chalk to goof around with----I have been purging my house of my multiples of things----don't give me too much credit---still have 3 dogs--- but my closets and drawers and cupboards are emptier---and my garage gives that impression every now and then---

16. thanks Tom----your Oblivion gave me a couple of hours to think of what I might write on a Saturday night if I was to blog again---so I did.

teasers---- nevermind----just check back on your feed----


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Good on ya for blogging again....keep it up!!

eden said...

good catching up!

Caroline said...

Glad for the update. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. :)

Christie said...

Good to hear from you!

Piter and Heidi said...

You've been on my mind a bit this last month or so... Good to see your life is still in limbo...LOL... yeah, mine too!!! Miss you lovely lady!!! PS... this blog was too short and congratulations to the graduates!!!

Olivia Carter said...

Great update on everyone! Don't know how I missed this! You are such a food example!