this is me now


chaotic pandemonium

wow---havent posted since 11-28-12----we got thru the holidays---no---better than that---we enjoyed the holidays.  I finished up Forgotten Carols.  The girls and their wonderful husbands and my grandbabies were all here---chaotic pandemonium---wonderful to see the boys be friends and buddies with their cousins.  We got a trampoline for each of the families---and put one up in our backyard---so much fun---then the snow came on christmas day---meh---the kids liked it.  We saw Les Miserables---twice---leah and joe got to go off for an overnight celebration of their 5th anniversary---then everyone left us!  we headed up to cortez, co for 3 days of total quiet and deadly freezing while visiting David's mom.

2013----what will it bring? lyric & jasmine both graduate in may--i am praying for 2013 to be just quiet and no drama---no events....

i want to thank all of you that have read and supported and commiserated with me during this past year of sadness----you have made a difference in my life....some of you a good difference and some of you to let my clever-but-mean side go off on a tangent.... i have felt the prayers and encouragement from afar and have been blessed for it.


ps  how the heck do you post pictures now from your laptop?


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Cheers to 2013...may it be the year of chaotic happiness and blissful pandemonium. :)

Piter and Heidi said...

It's been so long since I posted but I never had any problems posting pictures from my laptop... crazy... Here's to a wonderful "family filled peaceful as can be" year!!! Somehow I think the chaotic pandemonium was more fun for you than problematic!!! :) Love you! Happy 2013!!!

Benjamin Webb said...

the kids miss that chaotic pandemonium SO much after we do I!