this is me now


spent the evening with Robert Downey Jr..... IRONMAN... and it was GREAT! david didn't fall asleep----there were huge explosions---tony stark shoulda died 12 different times----but didn' why did I enjoy Ironman 3 so much more than Oblivion with Tom Cruise----cause I like flawed heros------and Robert downey junior has a long past-----and doesn't put out that he is anything better than what he is-----IRONMAN 3-----well worth your time.

mother's day----remarkably well thank you----there were a few tears spilt for ace's birthday---but as I let my mind rethink all those that have lost their mom's very young---or are struggling to become a mom-----or have lost a daughter that wont get that chance----I think it is time for me to calm down.

my sweet VT companion makes sure that we get it done-----

got a shredder for mothers day-----AND WE SHREDDED THE HECK OUT OF OUR MORTGAGE!    freedom!

next blog will include pics of our time in florida for lyric's graduation party.

thank you all for your encouranging words----I desperately needed them----now I want to say some.'''

                                                                             good on you