this is me now


the hair question---again

I have let my hair grow for well over a year---it is well below my shoulders---and, well (okay---enough of the use of the word 'well')---i'm bored.
  • not gonna perm it----I like healthy hair
  • the color is mine---and its a beautiful blonde with white (lol) highlights
  • I like pulling it up in braids or loose ponytails
  • I hate sweating around my hairline
  • its getting hot here
  • i'm using hair chalk---quirky and fun---which is perfect
  • I really miss my pixie cut---but then I'd be called 'sir' at driveups
  • having long hair is a 'quirky' cut for me---because people are used to my short hair
so----what do ya think?


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I think you could rock a cute A-line bob. :)

Princess Mommy said...

KEEP IT LONG! You can always put it up, but once you go short, it takes FOREVER to get it long again!

Piter and Heidi said...

I've always liked it pink!!! long pink might be good too:)