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we are the world 25 for haiti

okay---first of all---i was a HUGE fan of the first "We are the World"---this one has MORE stars (and includes MJ's singing from the original)NOT meredith jeppson mj---michael jackson mj---but thanks for thinking of me!)and lots more diversity in the singers...always up for that....

and because you should see the original, but APPARENTLY my skills are not up to embedding an OLD video (tried and tried and tried and tried...well,,, you get the is the link...copy and paste it...old school.)

(oh snap! did you notice that NOT ONLY DID I POST the you could copy and paste it...BUT I ALSO LINKED IT (OH MY GOSH----we need a moment of silence for the sweet skills i have developed!) OR you can doubleclick on that blue URL and IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE YOUTUBE VIDEO! (now---be aware---the original video didnt have the names of the singers plastered across their faces---but this version will let you know how impressed you should be since Ace was not impressed when i made him sit and watch the original--- he didnt recognize most of the names except CYNDI STINKIN LAUPER! (i'm a big fan!)...and mj, of course.

secondly...dont let my posting twice in one day cause you to not notice the post just before this one---you dont want to miss it! nummers. (nummers is my word for yummy...okay---?)

second and a half...since i am into giving credit where credit is due (see the PREVIOUS post) HAHAHAHA! LINKED IT! I saw this posted on one of lyric's friends-who-i-have-met-once-and-wouldnt-know-me-from-adam-but-i-stalk-her post....ALSO LINKED! I AM ON!(next goal---how to do that cute strike out font so you can say two things and be clever)

third of all....OH MY GOSH! I STINKIN EMBEDDED A VIDEO! can i get a woot-hoot!


Lyric said...

i have fond memories of watching the old one with you, and when this came on before the opening ceremonies on friday at our party... i was one of the only ones that knew about the original!

Princess Mommy said...

WOOT WOOT! Yay mommy! But really...nummers??

Michelle said...


I'm a purist and love the original MUCH more than the remake. Something about the rapping that didn't sit right with me... LOVED that they put MJ in, though.

Rondi said...

Meredith, In Texas it is Hee Haw!!! So here I give you a Hee Haw!!!!! You crack me up.