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BAck tO tHE fuTUre

so...a minute to breathe...2009 was an ENORMOUS year...shows, trips, weddings, babies, babies...more babies....marching band season....more shows.....GLorIOUS! and i did take pictures---so here is some catch up--- meet JONAS DAVID NELSON born December 15, 2009....the 2nd son of Joe & Leah Nelson....yes....this makes Cannon a Jonas Brother! (I am SO cleverly thrilled to be able to say that joke!)

I scurried up to Utah after my last show of the year...and THANK YOU JONAS!---he waited for me! I arrived the day before, during and after a HUGE was darn cold....DARN STINKIN cold!

Cannon, Joe, Leah & I went to their ward Christmas party the night I arrived---Cannon wore his Santa suit and was the HIT of the party. He had just learned to walk---and learned to DUCK! he figured out how to NOT get his head bumped on the tables that he could just barely skim under.

cannon loves to be chased! and then he loves to chase you!
dontcha think he looks like one of the elves from "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer"!?
gave Cannon a candy is the result....this is a family tradition (one that none of my
kids want to continue.....go figure!! (turn down your volume or you'll hear WAY too much of my alto singing christmas carols!)

wow...that almost deserves a whole post unto itself! anyone else cat-clean their babies?

Sunday night WE FOUND A MOUSE- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Never have i seen a 40 week HUGELY pregnant woman climb up on a chair and bring her feet up underneath her so fast! ew ew ew ew! thank HEAVENS! Joe was the man---he opened up the dishwasher (where he had seen the mouse scurry under ....hmmm...used that word already...note to self---check up thesaraus alternative for 'scurry')....he poked around...THEN the little vermin (mouse, not Joe) scurried (rats---there is that word again) from the dishwasher to the oven! ---we pulled an ox out of the mire (biblical reference---look it up) and went to wal-mart to get humane sticky traps (i'm more a fan of smash-the-rodent-vermin-to smithereens...but its their house)...and LINED THE KITCHEN FLOOR WITH STICKY TRAPS!


sidenote----never seen a walmart as empty as this one....hmmmmm...i guess thats good! Sunday night in Springville, Utah!

This is Leah the night before she delivers Jonas----she was HUGE! this pregnancy was a good one---easy to forget you are GREAT with child when you are chasing after another baby!
this was the view from leah's hospital room---magnificent---looked like a painting! Made for a beautiful backdrop to the birth of baby Jonas! Monday morning saw Cannon & I dropping off Mommy & Daddy at the noon I got the phone call that it was time to come I dropped off Cannon at a friend's house and made it in time to watch Leah go from 7 cm to 10 cm in like 10 MINUTES----SERIOUSLY----not even 3 pushes later---sorry if this is getting graphic----VOILA! JONAS DAVID NELSON!

This was my first birth to watch---not on tv or in a movie---ACTUAL RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM! didnt watch jasmine's birth...(it was a c-section---and i'm talking about ME giving birth TO jasmine---not her to ben---are you following all this??---wasnt even in the room with the others.....duh!) this was AMAZING! I'm so grateful to leah & Joe for letting me stay and watch....what a was so totally cool.

3/4 of the happy family.....
Cannon came up to the hospital later to meet his little brother...and promptly did what any 13 month old does with a new toy---hit it to see what it does! jonas didnt light up or make noise---so cannon walked away...more interested in the hospital room than a new lump of clay! he was thrilled to see mommy and daddy!

how do you teach a 13 month old to be "soft"....Joe's hand isnt guiding Cannon---this is the grab to keep Cannon from clobbering Jonas!

Jonas is a doll----so least when he was newborn----he doesnt look like Cannon at this point....darker hair and a different face...still a big head (its in the genes) but he's bigger than cannon at the same age so his head looks more proportional than our wonderful melon-headed Cannon. be interesting to see how they grow to look like brothers.
While I was there I got to meet up with lots of good friends----a group of us met at Brick Oven----yummy to see my cute nephew Brian (and a friend of his)

one of the cutest girls EVER, Jessica Hill Lydia Speirs---a doll of a baby
and her parents Spencer & Corinne Speirs

Got to visit with Michelle & Eric Moulton (they drove down to see me! yay for good friends) and Katie Winn---it was lovely....then we all flew back to Texas for the holidays and Jonas & Milo's blessings....a lovely enhancement to a lovely season....and a GREAT way to end a year that began with babies!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What a cutie pie that Jonas is! Congrats on all the adorable grandboys. And PS-Let me know the next time you're up in Utah, I'll drive down to see ya!

Sharon said...

What sweet babies. We laughed so hard watching the video. I've never seen anyone do the "cat lick"
before. Jim said, "I'm glad that he didn't sit on the candy cane!"

Merf said...

this is ace....again i know....and i remember seeing the video the first time of the cat lick thing...jim that was funny...and i cant wait to see little jonas again because last time i saw him was at the Nelson Family appartment sleeping in my dad's arms...who, i might say, completely refused to share him...and then we got distracted by dinner. Otherwise i loved the post and all my little Laddies(think scottish because it is a reference to the play that i will be in called brigadoon). well it was fun posting another comment under my mother's name. see ya

Christie said...

Ugh...I'd rather read anout going from 7 to 10 than see that cat lick!
My mom was there when Elizabeth was born. I think that might be the only one.