this is me now



i dont want to be known as a whiner.....or a debbie-downer.....or as a get the idea....and i realize a couple of my recent posts are a little....well...a lot cryptic....and quite abit glass half empty----

now, i have always considered myself a 'glass-is-twice-as-big-as-it-needs-to-be' kinda gal....
so i shall return to my regular channel of glib, big-wordedness....letting you into my world--the world according to merf.

a coupla concerns:
  • the majority of comments on my blog come not when i post GORGEOUS AND CUTE pictures of my ADORABLE grandsons---or when i am obviously in a bit of a snit or some sort of emotional upheaval---clearly needing support and encouragement.
  • but..... when i talk about toilet paper i get ALL sorts of comments...or when i give suggestions about how to enhance my enjoyment of your blog...oh yes---ya'll are happy to jaw away on what you do or do not like! FOR SHAME!...okay---maybe shame is a little strong---
  • i am EXHAUSTED trying to do what i posted----comment---add pictures---be clever---i cant keep it up----and, in interest of fair-play (okay---whose minds just went to the epitome of SURVIVOR bad-guys, johnny fairplay? holla!).....back to the subject...go back to what you were doing---post pictures if so clever or not---

really? is that where our relationship is?

that am hurt.

but maybe my blog is just twice as long as it needs to be!

have a nice day! i'll keep on reading---promise!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Sometimes I just have nothing interesting to say. I hope you'll settle for this: :)

Olivia Carter said...

That's me too- I have nothing interesting to say, & I've already told you criptic posts are hard for me. I'm a natural worrier so my brain goes to the absolute worst place & comes up with all sorts of crazy ideas as to what could be wrong.

Lyric said...

ew i hate johnny fairplay! he is so obnoxious.

and leave it to you (and me. apparently) to know the name of some reality tv has been! :)

Michelle said...

What is that thing that Johnny Fairplay does with his fingers? It's kinda creepy.

You make me laugh, Meredith! Oh, and thanks for listing my blog among your friends even if it is private. ;)

Christie said...

Johnny Fairplay! Oh, the memories!