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No Virginia---there is no Santa

some of you may remember my previous post ( i dont know how to put the cute little link here---scroll down a little ways and you'll see it---it looks just like this:

(oh wait---there was only ONE comment left on that post---so apparently MOST of you WONT remember that post)

anyways---i asked santa for this most amazing crockpot---I was good----2009 was a good year for me---and this is perfection.....

i didnt get it....

now dont get me wrong---i had a MOST wonderful christmas---grandbabyboys---family everywhere---mrs beasley---she'll be getting her own post---soon---i promise

anyway----sigh---no triple crockpot

one of the neat things about having a birthday right after christmas---is people remember what you DIDNT get!

so i didnt have to wait for some ashy-overdressed-desperately-in-need-of-a-shave-old-man to creep down my chimney next year ----my own personal Santa, my sister Eden, my WONDERFUL sister Eden, whom i ADORE! surprised me with the arrival of a HUGE box on my birthday!



whoever created this should be sainted...seriously.

so...this was the meal that i cuisined---yes---its a word---as the first triple-crock-potted meal

crockpot #1------garlic & herb buttered corn on the cob----turned out perfecto! i may never do corn on the cob any other way again!crockpot #2---------creamy chicken & rice casserole---pure comfort food heaven. Turned out a lot better than it looks---this picture makes it look a little watery---but its not at all...creamy and good. most recipes have you add the rice later---not this---all goes in together!

crockpot #3-------------peach cobbler (more of a cake than a cobbler)---perfect for a chilly day.

so thank you Santa---fer nuthin! i will now be addressing all my correspondence to:

Lago Vista, Texas
btw---this was divine----the VERY day that I posted this, i found this blog...perfect!
and btw p.s....apparently i DO know how to do the little linky thing!


Lyric said...

yes, that year of slow-cooking blog looks awesome.

also, i didn't realize how badly you wanted the triple ...i just assumed that the double crock pot that you ALREADY have was good, i was so SO wrong!

Your meal looks fabulous, bring that thing with you when you come visit me next :) lol

Olivia Carter said...

Ummm... yeah that does look good!

Peach cobbler... yum!

eden said...

I love you so much ... It's always hard to find you the PERFECT present. SO much fun getting you this one, for the consummate hostess. I'm glad you're thrilled.

natalie said...

Oh, I remember your first post (even if I didn't comment) and thought how cool it would be to have one of those. You've just reminded me about how cool it would be to have one of those. Maybe I'll write to good ole St. Nick and see about getting one of those for myself next year, or the year after, or, wait, what was Eden's mailing address??? :)

Princess Mommy said...

The food was delicious and the chef was beautiful!!