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*PARENTAL WARNING* dangling participles

***************IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY BABY PARTS********
then stop right here and read any of the myriad of clean, non-offensive blogs listed on the right...each will entertain, educate or encourage you to cook with crockpots.

that said......
one of the funniest things to see at our home during Christmas was the grandbabyboys take a bath....together. Jonas, of course, was not even considered for the camp....he was still too fond of that dried up umbilical cord to be deemed ready for this manly experience. The first time we tried it, poor milo (who at that point was flat on his back still...he has since recovered and is sitting nicely) would never have survived the Cannon Nelson baby bath boot camp. Ben Hall gave it a try---didnt last long---but he was not down for the count....oh no! never give up, that one. At the next opportunity, Ben dug in there and was successful in learning the fine-art of splashing. Cannon, you see, takes his splashing responsibilities VERY seriously. Every area of the tub MUST be splashed. Ben had been a long-time recreational splasher....Cannon took him to a whole new level....because that is what older cousins (by 3 1/2 months) will do for you.

Parental Warning----there are little baby boy dangling parts all over this video---SORRY!

and we will NOT discuss Joe wearing the hairclampy thing...nope---not even going to discuss it.


Ashley said...

So cute! I like that there are like 4 of you in the bathroom with them! We need to have a Jeppson family reunion stat!

It is funny that you mention the "non-offensive blogs" on the left because Audra's blog has something quite related to this blog today!

Merf said...

i laughed when i saw she had 'warning' as her title!

Katie said...

So so funny. I have never seen such a splasher. Loved the video.

Lyric said...

hahaah mom you said "whoa, dangle!" in the still laughing at you.

so funny. and you are right, milo never would have survived!