this is me now


culinarily speaking...not a fluke

.....just so you dont think it was all a fluke....
we are celebrating my husband's birthday today---and what are we having?
shake & bake chicken (really---his request)
kinda homemade rolls
yellow bundt cake w/chocolate frosting
tossed green salad
shrimp cocktail (ended up not serving it---didnt need the extra protein---save it for later)

CORN on the COB with garlic butter
real MASHED potatoes (as opposed to INSTANT mashed potatoes)
Green BEANS in a Cheesy Bacon Sauce (sidebar folks---post dinner comment----WHO KNEW!?---after 30 years of marriage----he DOESNT like green beans with stuff! i knew he didnt like jello with stuff---but he likes green beans with JUST GREEN BEANS....and bacon.
happy birthday brother jeppson...thanks for not being a fluke


Lyric said...

oh my gosh my mouth is watering! and i love that picture you have up. i also like your new layout!

Lyric said...

wait the new layout is gone!

ok, fine...this one is good.