this is me now



  • i'm glib
  • i'm cryptic
  • i'm sarcastic
  • i'm verbose
  • i'm witty

and then things happen that remind me i should be serious.

shaun white makes me seriously want to snowboard and wear plaid...or just wear plaid.....yeah...seriously...i should just wear plaid...and baggy jeans

johnny weir makes me seriously want to wear FABULOUS spandex with fur and gloves and tassles....seriously....and he can totally skate....seriously....but then along comes

stephane lambier is seriously the most amazing spinner it (especially right around minute...2:15-3:15)


Michelle said...

This morning, the kid I take to school in the mornings actually said, "I don't really like the Olympics." I was stunned! I asked, "Not even the feeling of Olmpic spirit and patriotism?" He said, "Nah, not really." I was sad for him. He lives for football and he just doesn't get the point of the Olympics.

*Side note: my word verification was "mersms". That's pretty close to merf! Funny!

Lyric said...

im missing so much...are the olympics on hulu?!!!

Ashley said...

I could pretty much careless about the Olympics. I liked them when I was younger, but not so much now. And I could care less if USA wins more gold medals than other places. I don't really enjoying watching sports. And Johnny Weir is totally annoying.