this is me now


a little ditty

okay----whew---WELL.....all of you....and by that i mean the 4-5 of you that COMMENTED (and the two with private blogs that invited me (thanks!)) took the chewing out you got yesterday pretty well. So I thought I should write (and in honor of all you babymama's, i wrote this with a dog on my lap)---and include a picture (holla, olivia!)---something a little lighter....

i ALWAYS have a song going on in my mind (hence the reason i have to mute blogmusic)....anyway...back to the topic at hand...---give me a word---i can almost ALWAYS figure out a song that goes with that word....i am known to burst into song most anywhere---much to the chagrin of ONE of my kids---guess which---anyway---this is the little ditty that is floating thru my mind today.

I am happy today for the sunshine,
for the skys of gray or blue.
For within my heart is a song of love.
I'll live, I'll work, I'll do.

No cloud can cast a shadow
over courage such as mine.
For I'll sing this song as I go along.
I'll live, I'll work, I'll do.

hmmmm...methinks the january blues are OVER!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That cute baby is pinchable!

Olivia Carter said...

Yeah a picture! SO HAPPY!

And I did really enjoy your opinions on blogs last blog. I have a lot of my own opinions so I know how you feel!

Princess Mommy said...

CANNON!!! :)

Mary Lou said...

You have way too much time to do the "Over or Under"! bit although it made me laugh.
Enjoys those sweet babies, they grow up really fast.