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for my 3 a.m....(i'm asleep....but they arent)

i saw this---okay---i was stalking around blogs and came upon this one---i have no idea what my blogjourney consisted of---i go from one to another to another to another until i am six degrees of separation from kevin bacon and everyone else!......anyway

its not about kevin bacon.....

its about having babies and watching them go from one stage to the next. the writer is "the damsel"....hmmmm...i should come up with a cuter name than 'merf'----sounds like i'm 3 ft tall and quite blue and live in a mushroom....

but its not about mushrooms....

she uses cool words like gestate....and she has grandsons----anyway---

it is about enjoying the stages you like and being happy about stages that go away and you never have to live thru.

as my own baby ages---i dont miss:
  • junior high
  • pta
  • cub scouts
  • potty training
  • tying shoes
  • soccer games/practices/pictures
i do miss:
  • bedtime rituals
  • playing the piano and the kids dancing around
  • spelling words
  • dress up days at school
  • grandma's feather bed
  • backwards dinners
  • school performances and my kiddos searching the audience til our eyes meet
  • nightgowns
  • doing little girls hair

anyway---it is about this post...hope you enjoy it

Saying Goodbye
Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's the most old school thing you've ever done?
The Damsel supposes her most old school thing was having babies. Lots.
Not that she was particularly good at having babies. The flesh was weak. Sometimes all she could do was just lie there and gestate. She did NOT get better at it with practice. Rather, she sort of wore out. Still, she tried to do her part in repopulating the earth.
Many people told the Damsel that she'd know when she was “done.” That bit of information didn't come easily. But even when she had that feeling of completeness, it was rather heartbreaking to say goodbye to that part of her life, that life that had owned her for so long.
The last time she nursed her #7, she sobbed like she'd never stop. And even now, seeing fresh new babies brings pangs of . . . something . . . not really regret, but more like melancholy remembrances, of sweet little fuzzy heads and rosebud lips.
When the Damsel recounts the “last” this and the “last” that, there's happy along with the sad. Some things were easy to say goodbye to. The last potty training. The last croup vigil. The last set of kindergarten immunizations.
Each stage brings its own joys.
When you get to the goodbye stage, the Damsel recommends acquiring some handsome grandsons. She's found they do an admirable job easing the sting of memory. After all, their heads are sweet and fuzzy, too.
Margot is a mom of seven and pretty much crazy from it. Online she's known as the Damsel in Dis Dress and blogs at the Old School ( and twitters @elle_cosette.


Lyric said...

i love reading her blog! i must have found it on your side bar.

i miss dancing around the living room too.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

*sniff sniff
I miss babies. But, my oh my, how I do love sleeping through the night!

Princess Mommy said...

Kiss today goodbye! The sweetness and the sorrow!!

You had to do this blog today?? When my little one is one and all grown up and when there is nothing else?? You almost made me cry.

Michelle said...

Funny...I was always told that I should cherish my children being babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, but I didn't believe it until all of them left for school one day and the house was quiet--too quiet. I was so busy with 4 children in four and a half years that it somehow all flew by. There's so much more to look forward to, though, isn't there?

Great post. My mom would have started singing, "Sunrise, sunset". She loved that song--it always made her cry. I didn't understand it then, but I do now.

Cosette said...

Thanks, Merf! I thought I posted a comment here days ago, but it doesn't show here, so something must have gone wrong.


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