this is me now


DEPRIVED....but not really....

discombobulated...probably should say STINKIN DISCOMBOBULATED.

  • may be sleep-deprived----teaching seminary and all---but no......i NAP.
  • may be protein-deprived----not eating much meat lately---unless chocolate bunnies count.
  • may be attention-deprived----no---had some great shows in march----hundreds---YES! hundreds of people clapping for me....totally fed my ego---its full.
  • may be conversation deprived----yeah---i'm on my phone ALL THE STINKIN TIME....but face-to-face----not much....and farmtown marketplace does not compensate for actual face to face.
  • may be hug-deprived----nah....ace is a big hugger....and i saw two of my babies and 2 of their babies this past month....lots of hugs....will blog about our great trip.

I have never liked march...maybe thats it! march is cool holidays (not a big st patricks day person)....march is a stinkin-long month....its the ugly step-sister to april.....THAT'S IT!


APRIL----april has always been good to me

  • EASTER----love it---great family traditions....pulling cake----have i blogged about that? oh yeah----and that whole Jesus died for me and atoned for my sins----big fan.....hmmmm....maybe i shoulda given that its own dot.
  • general conference----big fan....Henry B Eyring----totally a big fan.
  • JAMMIN BDAY----happy day baby girl!
  • CLICK BDAY----happy day baby girl!
  • 2010----JOE NELSON GRADUATES! and JOE and LEAH and CANNON and JONAS are movin on up (well---down----from utah) and in with us for the i'm sure there will be a blog about baby-proofing my house.....meh....and probably one when i am FED UP with babies trashing my house---but that wont be til august---if then---maybe i'll just bite my tongue....not a fan.
  • texas in april---big fan.....gorgeous weather .... thunderstorms.... snow cone stands open.... bluebonnets .... yeah ---- big big fan.
  • survivor/american idol/apprentice/amazing race.....big fan.

i'll be okay----april is 2 days away---one day if you count i'm doing april fools day a day early in seminary just to mess with them....i think i'll be okay....i'll let you know if i'm not. i read this post it sounds pretty whiny

good...thats exactly what i was goin for....gnite!


Merritt said...

March does kinda last forever. I mean it not cold but not warm and it not pretty. I mean winter is over but spring hasn't can yet...Yeah come on April then MAY.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Aaw, I miss Aprils in Texas!

Michelle said...

You make April sound like the queen of all the months. I do miss bluebonnets--tried to plant them up here--just didn't work. Can't wait to see you in April! Are you still gonna come have dinner with us?

Merf said...

yes! wednesday or thursday?