this is me now


paying the man.....

gulp....we owe.....THOUSANDS....gulp.....

glass (get the gulp?---clever) half empty
  1. my income is all independent taxes taken out.
  2. david's side expert witness income----no taxes taken out.
  3. ONLY ONE STINKIN KID UNDER 17! and he's doin nuthin but aging!
  4. i HATE chunks-----dont want to hear a HUGE chunk sum---dont like it---i'm much better at nibbling than gourging!

glass half full

  1. my kids all get back MUCH MORE than they pay---so I consider it helping my taxes paid for my grandbabies to be born safely and to see that they get the peanut butter they need.
  2. my mom and mil are well-taken care of thru good planning, medicare and social security....they want for nothing....except visits.
  3. we have good schools so my kids are in college and getting ready to pay they can support me in 20 years.
  4. we have good roads to drive to get to
  5. i have 5 wal-marts less than 10 minutes away....and movie houses everywhere....and Subways on every corner. (trying to stay away from fast food)
  6. there is a huge police presence....the better to catch my family members that choose to drive less than "obey the laws of the land" (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :)
  7. i have a great capital city---where all the crazies stay most of the time and argue and dont do anything to mess up my life---most of the time.
  8. i have a new firehouse across the street from my subdivision.
  9. i have an army that makes me feel safe....but i wish they would come home and be safe.
  10. dave has a job that is secure and pays sufficient and has great benefits....been at the job for 25 years...we are blessed....God Bless the State of Texas.
  11. i have a job i love....i'd do it for free (dont worry---they already know that)
  12. i get to take naps....and watch netflix....and play on facebook....but ssssh! dont tell my family that part.
  13. it took me a really short time to fill out my census---shortest ever.

so TAKE your money, IRS.....take it and use it on a road to no-where in Alaska---or to open up schools again in Kansas City, MO....or to give heat to some old lady in New York City next winter.....

or just fill that pothole on Precinct Line.....thanks.


Sharon said...

My feelings exactly. We have had to pay our own taxes for the last 16 years in chunks instead of a little bit twice a month. It was hard at first, but when I stated counting our blessings of living in this beautiful, free country it doesn't hurt quite so much. Thanks for reminding me that I need to start working on my taxes:(

Merritt said...

YES! on opening up schools...and filling potholes... I lost a hubcap on one of those things.

Ashley said...

We got THOUSANDS paid to us this year. Definitely a lot more than we paid. During graduate school we didn't get nearly as much, but that's okay because we were using all of the government programs. Now that we get so much back I can't justify government help. Now we can afford our own peanut butter and tuna - thanks to Roy's government job!

Michelle said...

I'll enjoy our returns as long as I can--and the fact that we will have all of our children at home for a good 5 more years.

I like that your glass half full section is much bigger than your glass half empty section. Way to be a cock-eyed optimist!

Jackie said...

I have gotten a refund once since we were married - our first year when we were still schooling. Since then, always owed a lot though I had extra taxes taken out of my pay check. Now I pay quarterlies and have 40% of my checks hanging out in an account praying that not all of it will be used up! One day I'll get a refund again!