this is me now


first i was afraid.....

i was petrified

kept thinking i could never live without you by my side

but then i spent so many nights

just thinkin how you done me wrong

and i got strong...and i learned how to get along (with my blackberry)

and now youre back......from outer space (or wherever the geek squad is)

you just walked in to find me here with that little look upon your face

i should have changed the stupid lock i should have made you leave your keys

if i ever thought that you'd be back to bother me.
i missed you so.....i was berry is not the same....nor is the ipod touch....they dont balance on my lap as well....and my desktop....while we've had lots of good years.....its just not the same....thank you dear friend for returning to me....healthy, well, re-charged and ready to travel the world.


Jen G said...

Were you petrified?

Lyric said...

Oh aren't you funny!

And yes, Jennifer, I whole-heartedly believe that she was petrified.