this is me now



  • snow in february
  • Les Miserables----beginning to end
  • "steel magnolias"....the stinkin movie i'm watching while typing this---right at the good part where they have their slap part.
  • "a baby story"....any birth on tv or movies
  • "love story"...just hearing the song starts the floodgates.
  • "terms of endearment"
  • "beaches"....did you ever know you're my hero?
  • any game show where the person wins...especially the $25,000 pyramid
  • "driver! move that bus!"
  • LDS tv commercials...especially the ones where the dad has an epiphany!
  • an amputation of any kind---not good jerks these
  • sports movies where the underdog wins
  • the parade of the royal children from "King and I"---yeah--really---but my kids did that for Mother's day one year---best ever!
  • big mouth frog story---another 'my kids effort to make me cry' that totally succeeds
  • yes, jasmine---mrs. beasley
  • marching band competition announcements----even if we dont win! i love watching teens win.
  • Abide With Me (the hymn)
  • God Be With You til We Meet Again
  • Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy
  • A Wintry Day
  • any picture of my daughters and/or their babies
  • writing this stinkin blogpost....dagnabit

what about yours?


Princess Mommy said...

You forgot Mrs. Beasley! :) Gooood be with you til we meeeeeeeet agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Lyric said...

did I ever tell you your my hero...

(oh my gosh, my eyes just started watering a little bit! I have to take EVERYTHING I said on the phone earlier back now!)

marcia@joyismygoal said...

all of those and Hallmark commercials' HS playoffs- wins or losses,' Fast Sunday missionary emails:) or lack of :)

Ashley said...

Definitely any birth on tv. A bunch of songs from a CD Roy made for me when we were dating. Primary kids singing in sacrament meeting - especially on mother's day!

Scott said...

You and Marc MUST be related :) He teared up during Alvin & the Chipmunks the Squeakquel. For me, Marley & Me was tough. Field of Dreams - when he asks his dad to play catch, that always gets the guys.

Michelle said...

Just about everything jerks me these days--the list is much too long to begin here.

Caroline said...

Catching up on blogs, so I'm a little late. But I just had to add my jerk:

Watching a deaf child sign "A Child's Prayer."

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