this is me now


i can die happy

for i have been to the mountain....and have seen mickey.....well....the epcot side of mickey....but his presence was felt.....and i have seen the glory of the univers-
al studios....and regalled (sp? hmmm---need to look that up) in its glory.

dave & i went to a time-share presentation by Hilton Vacations to be able to get a nearly-free (WELL.....the hotel was nearly free----add in the flights/food/tickets/car rental....ouch) 3 night stay at their resort near Walt Disney convenient that lyric & milo & ben live DARN NEAR! BONUS!

so we did our time----we are now NOT the proud owners of a hilton vacation resort 2 week-a-year experience----didnt spend $20K on this wonderful ---AND I DO MEAN WONDERFUL----resort---heated pools---multiple hot tubs----the bathtub in the room has water coming in from the ceiling----but for some reason we werent willing to finance at 20% for the next 20 years to avail ourselves of this luxury---we just arent dat kinda people---ya know?....but we'd love to take advantage of YOURS if you cant take the time this year!

anyway----arrived with Ace in tow on monday of spring break---headed straight to lyric's home and then straight to cocoa beach-----YES---got in up to my waist----NO----no pictures---use your imagination----well----i will post pictures of the others. THEN----ate dinner at SMOKEY BONES---will link that---they dont exist here in the southcentral states---but if you are back east---they have the best side dishes---corn and their baked beans----ribs----nummers----flippin fingers-----double nummers.

tuesday we spent all day at the pools---ace is a fish---and we found out milo is too----biggest smile ever----i think he thinks it is the world biggest bathtub---and we know how much mr milo loves him his bathtime! jasmine and baby ben came in tuesday night---lyric and i had put a pork tenderloin and veggies (i hate that word) in the crock pot (duh)---so we ate and then watched AMERICAN IDOL---duh----then got ready for THE DAY.

preamble---i have wanted to go to DISNEYWORLD since like forever. the time share guy asked us where our dream vacation would be---i smiled as david said "she is here"-----thats it....orlando, florida.....

chilly in orlando---so lyric broke out jackets for all and we were off....Epcot was our park of choice----it was amazing----we live 10 minutes from 6 flags----but disney does everything better---more detailier (i know its not a word---but you know exactly what i mean)----it was a little crowded and transporting 6 adults and 2 babies in strollers was not always the most conducive to easy people-flow---but it was great. Ben ran all over the park getting us fast-passes so we could get in on the big rides quicker....and we walked...and walked....and walked.....

things i learned:

  • i dont need to ride a ride to enjoy the experience
  • i paid $50 (HUGE discount tickets---thanks Ben!) to sit and hold my grandbabies----best money spent EVER.
  • epcot is beautiful and amazing---and i need to go on a day when there arent 100,000 OTHER people enjoying the same----and it wasnt even a really busy day for the park!
  • DARN EXPENSIVE to feed 6 adults and 2 stroller babies----and we didnt eat big-time----thanks Ben for the taste of your pork sandwich----DELISH---its in the americana area====yeah----we had a choice of 11 countries and we ate burgers!

we hit the hot tub at the hotel to relax our muscles after the long day of walking ALL OVER THE WORLD! (we walked from morocco to italy to norway to china and then usa----then japan---then canada...whew!)

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS----totally the best----had a great time---it was STINKIN chilly---wore a jacket all day....we moved from ride to show to ride with very little waiting time---favorite ride? THE SIMPSONS (a show we have discouraged in our home)---it was great. the HORROR make-up SHOW was hilarious---we learned that 12 month old Ben has learned fear ----something 7 month old Milo has yet to pick up---cause when the big hairy monster jumped out at the audience, Ben climbed up his mothers face and tried to crawl into her---literally----he was terrified! (he was also afraid of scooby-doo----hmmmm---ben, we have to work on you and hairy animals.)

flew home thursday night....yawn....dave sat in 1st class---ace and i herded into coach....benefits of using points!

i cant cross it off my bucket list---'cause




Olivia Carter said...

sounds like an amazing trip! I went to Orlando once when I was 10 or so. It was fun! I want to go again- especially after this post!

Sharon said...

How fun! Getting to go to such a fun place, and doing it with your kids & grandkids is even better! Hope that you got lots of pictures.

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Hopefully, you'll get to go back and experience the rest of Disney!

Katie said...

Sounds great. Orlando and a grandbaby in Orlando definitely warrant a trip back.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I know I am biased but it IS the happiest Place on earth

Christie said...

Elizabeth has fallen in love with Mickey Mouse and I would dearly love to be able to take her there someday. Really, I'd love to go to Disneyland, though, because of all the childhood memories.