this is me now


writers block

not that i havent been doing anything....been doing alot of shows and travelling around the midwest.... but nothin to write home about......
went to beaumont for Ben Hall's first birthday---hmmmm--okay---i should write about that---have a darn cute video of him attacking his cupcake like its his first meal in a kinda is.
ace is in "Brigadoon" at the Artisan Center Theatre....seein him tonight---i could write about that...and probably will.
goin to florida next week to be with my baby and her baby and jasmine and her baby and bringing my baby and his baby....get all that? and we're goin to see micky----FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER----MY TOTAL TOP-EVER BUCKET LIST THING A-NUMBER ONE TOP TRIP OF ALL MY LIFETIME yeah----i'll write about that.....but not yet.
got my hair cut-----wish i could have luxurious long hair---but i dont---and i always worry i look like a guy---but not enough to let my hair grow....but i'm not gonna write about that.
and no......i'm not going to write about that....if you knew me well enough you wouldnt even have to


Michelle said...

Oooh...have a great time with Mickey! I'm jealous.

And no, you definitely don't look like a guy.

I'd like to think I know you well enough to not ask, but since I don't live around you anymore, I want to know...but still won't ask.

Merf said...

ah michelle! i love and miss you---and you have always been one of the best about just knowing....and knowing when to ask.

Olivia Carter said...

Not guy looking at all. Only people with really pretty faces can get away with short hair and you are one of them.

Have a fab trip! I'm jealous.

jackson family said...

we could always try extentions although with such short hair there is always more upkeep on them...perhaps short hair is just fine!

for nothing to talk about my goodness there is so much to talk about...Must be an Ensign thing?