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sunday----lazy day

we woke up and ate a nice breakfast at the hotel---then drove over to the u.s. side and went to see the movie about the people who have gone over the falls and lived to tell about it...16 tried---9 made it....the first one that did it was a 63 yr old woman in a barrel!
then we just strolled around the edge looking at the falls from different vantage points---then crossed over the to 3 sisters islands (very small---connected by bridges)----so pristine---so uncommercialized.
i love that palmyra and niagara have not been tainted by too much civilization----nauvoo looks very commercial compared to palmyra------and Niagara has not been commercialized  by the state---it is very friendly.  The Canadian side of Niagara was very commercialized----expensive to park----beautiful flowers and parks....really beautiful.  The U. S. side of the falls isnt as pretty---but New York state has done a terrific job on keeping it available to "common folk".....interesting---canada charges $3.25 to drive across the bridge---and .50 to walk across same bridge from canada side to u.s. side---u.s. doesnt charge.

we then drove to our hotel on Grand Island, NY and enjoyed the pool----then took ace to the airport---he has summer school tomorrow and cant miss---but we are staying to do a session at the palmyra temple and ride the locks at lockport, ny.
weather---gorgeous...the locals were complaining about the heat (record high was going to be 91!!!!) many people from different countries----ace is extremely friendly to strangers---so we met and chatted with a lot of new people.
cost---very reasonable...even the cost of flying to buffalo was not as bad as i thought.
company----other than being on top of each other for 4 days---we have survived.
pictures to come

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Christie said...

"ace is extremely friendly to strangers"

Some things never change, do they?! He'll be a great missionary!