this is me now


Dear TVland

Thank you
thank you for all shows reality...and competition....i live vicariously happily thru you.
thank you for survivor---all 21 seasons---and american idol---(altho i always root for 2nd place---i'm a curse)----amazing race, project runway, designstar---ALL cooking competition shows---chopped/next food network star/iron chef (america ---not japan or china or wherever---way too cheesy---even for me)-----(well---not Challenge---too much fondant---and they use rice krispie squares---thats not cake)-----
thank you for toddlers and tiaras, the duggars....deadliest catch....
thank you for I didnt know i was pregnant and Biggest Loser (why do i always eat while i watch that show)
thank you for those storage unit auction buyer guys
thank you for any i didnt mention---EXCEPT-----bachelor (sloppy seconds gross me out)/so you think you can dance (i only watch the auditions)---big brother (try to watch it---just cant)....hoarders (makes me clean and feel bad about myself---because i UNDERSTAND!)
thank you for itunes and hulu and and and other sites where i can watch the shows when it fits for me---THANK HEAVENS FOR DVR----rocks my world.

and now---thank you, Lyric & Jasmine----for telling me about THE GLEE PROJECT----combining my love of pop music AND a competition-----WITHOUT all the Glee teen drama that is scripted (not like the reality shows that are REAL
I'm a better cook, know world geography better, my house is designed---i know im NOT pregnant----we are 6 and counting (8 by mid-september!), America has ALWAYS had talent, I work at not being 'pitchy' when i sing....i know how to make fire (you have to go to tribal council)....i will never put my granddaughters in pageants (but i know what a flipper is) but i betcha Beth would win----i'm tempted to go to a storage unit auction----and i respect crab more now when I eat it....and i know i cant dance.



Lyric said...

HAHAHA! This is so funny!

and, you are very welcome for the introduction to The Glee Project. I just KNEW you would be best friends!

Katie said...

Awww, flippers! Chad and I always make jokes about getting them for Colin. Did you see that little girl getting spray-tanned at the auto shop? Funny funny post Meredith!

Merf said...

i did see the auto-body tan episode!hilarious! ever notice how really empty the room is when they pan the audience---you know it is just parents!
did you see the one about the pageant dad who was SO over-the-top!