this is me now


fill in the blank

 Dear xxxxxxx,

I xxx having you xxxxx to xxxx xxxx.  I xxxx the xxxx---for awhile---i xxxxx xxxxxx back and xxx the xxxxx  you xxxxxxx and your xxxxx with  xxxxx xxxxxx.  I xxxxx  that xxxxxx have been  xxxxxx  to xxxx xxxxxx xxx so xxxxx to xxxxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxxx.

and now----a bit of xxxxxxxxxx---xxxxxxxx----xxxxxx Miss xxxxxx  perhaps----
we have xxxxx xxxx to xxxx our xxxxx to a place where wexxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx.  Please xxxx xx xxxx your xxxxxx---nay,xxx xxxxx your  xxxxx  after you xxxx xxxxxxxx your xxxxx.  Please dont xxxxx so xxxx  xxxx. xxxx what xxx will xxxx based on history.  Please xxx let xxxx xxxx xx on xxx xxxxxxxxxxx.  Please make xxx xxxx i have xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx.  Please dont xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx around.  Please xxxx  my xxxx---they are xx xxxx xxxxxx.  And while we are at it, xxxxx have xxxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxx and xxxxx  for nearly xxx years---i kinda xxxxxx what  xxxx xxx xxxxxx.

whew---glad to get that off my chest.

merf daughters tell me that it looks like i am cussing/swearing/expletives deleted---ah--not so!...well...not on ALL the "fill in the blank" personae---and there are probably 7!  some of my xxxxx are merely and simply (wait--is that a duplication?) just an explanation of frustration---not nigh unto anger.

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Lyric said...

Now that I am reading it again--I question who this is directed towards, as well as how many who's there are!