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we took the short trip up to Niagara Falls, Ontario----longest part of the trip was getting from us to canada---1 hour to cover about 100 yrds over a bridge---gorgeous sites on both sides....and both sides have the exact same hotels/restaurants etc----altho, the Canadian side had haunted houses all over the place---go figure.
 we checked into our hotel (king bed with a jacuzzi in the room---so ace volunteered to sleep on a cot.....we spent most of the day on the u.s. (lame)---aquarium---lame-----cave of the winds---maid of the mist----trolley rides all over...we walked over to the us side-----nice walk across the niagara but not stinkin hot.....we got to the caves of the wind---which is a walk down long stairs to put you within 20 ft of the bottom of the falls---its like being in a tropical storm (deck is called hurricane deck)---they give you a poncho and sandals---IT WAS GREAT---so much fun.....I'd do it again in a minute----kept my sandals---and yes---there will be a picture of them too.
Maid of the mist is the most famous thing---its a boat that goes right up to the falls---again, they giveyou a poncho---youdo get wet----i'll be putting up pictures----it was overwhelming the spirit and the power and majesty of that water.
ace says hi to EVERYONE ----howya doin---where ya from?   goofy but sincere....but everyone is willing to take pictures of each other's groups---very friendly.
it was a long day---so we headed back to canada..... dave and ace toured down a street with all sorts of haunted houses and game rooms and fast foods----

note to self: it never goes away

niagara falls is not an expensive holiday----
the museum/aquarium/maid of the mist/cave on the winds and the movie we saw this morning about the people trying to go over the falls----$33! TROLLEY $2 FOR ALL DAY....parking on the canada side---$20....parking on the us side $10....
cell phone signal---HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE in upstate new york.

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