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day 2---lazy daisy-----vacation!

today started off with us sleeping in---and in---and in....then having a nice breakfast at the hotel (coupon for one free---dad and i shared)...then we headed back to palmyra where we first went to Hill Cumorah----you can stand on the top and see down to where the audience sits....there is also a very cool Moroni statue.....everyone is so friendly---taking pictures for each other.  We spent some time in the visitors' center---saw a cool movie about the restoration of the Church.  Then we went over to the Temple and looked around.  President Hinckley wanted visitors to be able to see the Sacred Grove from the temple and vice versa---so it was very cool.
then we headed into downtown (and i use that word loosely) Palmyra---checked out the very cool publishing company where Joseph Smith had the first 5000 copies of the Book of Mormon printed....then we went and got some Tshirts and Ace got a hat....and then some fudge---TOTALLY DELISH----chocolate/peanut butter and marshmallow.  We ate New York pizza in the car as we drove to Waterloo (about 22 miles) to the home of Peter Whitmer-----this is where Joseph finished the translation and the Church was was a beautiful site---like time had stopped.
we had thought to go see Harry Potter tonight---but we were all tired---so swimming at the hotel sounded better (well---the hot tub sounded better)---then ordered in Chili's and watched "8 below" at midnight we crash---or at least i am---it was a wonderful slow day ---totally vacation.
tomorrow is niagara falls---yay!

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