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palmyra, new york

18 months ago i gave david a gift---a trip to palmyra, new york for july 2011.  all expenses paid!

so July 14, ace, david & i hopped on a plane to buffalo, new york---rented a car---and headed to palmyra.
(for my non-LDS friends---palmyra is the place that Joseph Smith had his vision of God, the Father and Jesus Christ and also where he received the ancient plates which he translated into the Book of Mormon.  This is sacred, blessed land.  We toured thru the Joseph Smith Farm a bit---then made our way up into the Sacred Grove area.....which is a wooded area behind the farm---there are dirt trails and benches that have been put there for convenience---no one knows exactly where the vision folks are encouraged to just go and wander and feel the spirit of the place.  There are trees that were there when Joseph Smith prayed.

We looked around ---and then separated off to have some individual time to pray and ponder.   As Ace and I came upon each other again---a large family reunion group passed us by---stopped at one of the original trees----and sang---I Believe in Christ---in lovely harmony.  Everyone in ear's hearing stopped to enjoy the  moment.  My parents would have had us sing at that same moment----what a heart-touching memory.

loved that the trees were so straight and tall---easy to walk around and imagine the day that Joseph Smith came here, as a 14 yr old boy, to ask God a question.

the sun shining thru the trees---it was about 6, nice breeze ....the Grove wasnt too crowded---and you feel the desire to whisper....sat and watched grandparents and their little ones walk thru----a look between david & I told us both that this is a place we wanted to bring our family.

this is an original tree---totally hollow now.

coolest thing---this was not a hallowed place before Joseph came---this was a place where he was comfortable ....this was home.  It became a sacred site when he knelt in prayer.
it was a beautiful moment in a hallowed and beautiful place.

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