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monday monday (sing it---or at least hum it) ace is gone....we get up for a leisurely trip (100 miles) to Palmyra -----I THOUGHT THE SESSION WAS AT 1130---IT WAS 1100---WE STINKIN MISSED IT----DAGSTINKINRASSINFRASSISNABIT.....  So i sit and pout in the car for a bit---dave goes back in---finally i suck up my pride and go back in----

then we go to the visitors center and watch an AMAZING movie about the restoration of the Church thru the eyes of Lucy Mack Smith---Joseph's was wonderful---what a testimony she had---and how strong was her witness thru the loss of grandchildren and sons all for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Then we found the Lollypop farm---essentiallly a petting zoo and animal shelter----so we didnt get out of the car....drove (BY THE TIME I AM STINKIN TIRED OF DRIVING) back to Rochester---checked into our hotel---and got back in the car and drove to Lockport----60 miles---90 minutes----NEVER IN TEXAS DOES IT TAKE 90 MINUTES TO GO 60 MILES---but up here they take you thru every small town in western NEW YORK----30 mph---wiinding roads--toll roads everywhere (altho they are much cheaper than florida or texas)--I LOVE MY INTERSTATES----so we got on the boat and went over  2 locks on the Erie Canal---totally cool---saw where fire hydrants were invented----so many different kinds of bridges ---i am always amazed at the inventiveness of people---the wheelbarrow was invented to help cut and carry out a 3 mile part of the Erie Canal in Lockport.
then we DRIVE 90 MINUTES back to our hotel---both sit on our laptop (me doing dancing moose---dave who knows what).
tomorrow---back to palmyra (30 miles)---temple----then 100 STINKIN miles to buffalo airport and home by 1130 p.m.---please have it be about 85 wednesday----its really nice.

tomorrows blog----the pros and cons of small town america vs METROplex.....(spoiler---metroplex wins)

tomorrow is

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