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.....a family that just needs one thing....

My niece, Julia and her husband, Brett, are trying to adopt. They've been waiting for this blessing for many, many years. I well remember the anticipation and heartbreak and frustration of the waiting and waiting and waiting. We as a family are reaching out to help them and perhaps to touch a heart....thanks to my niece, Audra, for some of her wording from her blog....she and her husband have adopted 4 kids.
as most of you know, 5 of our 6 are adopted....some were private adoptions through our church...two were foster children we adopted thru the state of Texas....all came to our home because someone loved them enough to want something better for them. Right around Mother's Day I always spend time thinking about my kids' birth hard that day must be for hard that day is for those of us that yearned to have a child in our arms....i am a mother because a young girl wanted more for her baby.
Julia and Brett need someone to want more for their child. this is a question i have on my list for Heavenly Father.....why did something so wonderful and desirable have to be so hard for some of my world of crosses to bear....infertility is a BIG one.
anyway...back to Julia and Brett.... they are reaching out to all of their family to find that special girl who can help them realize their dream.

This is their child preference:
Age: Newborn - 1 year old

Gender: Either

Ethnicity: Any Child, Open to discussion

Special Needs: Open to discussion, Drug exposed (occasional), Mild or medically correctable, Alcohol exposed (occasional), Smoking exposed, Emotional/mental disorders in family, Premature birth, Multiple birth, Diabetes in family, Conceived through rape, Nothing known about father, Nothing known about mother

Basically, they are open to any child out there in need of a loving home and two AWESOME parents! I know there child is out there... they just have to find the mother who is led and prompted to place her child with them! That is the miracle of adoption! The spirit touches 2 mothers and fathers and brings them together because of a mutual love for a beautiful child!
So, in order to get the word out, they are wanting to share their profiles with as many people as possible!
Here are their links and blogs to find out more about them.
Provident Living:,12272,2133-1-10088,00.html
It's About Love:
And here is their personal blog if you want to learn more about them!

This may seem like a long shot, but really, it is not! It could be a sister of a friend of a cousin of a friend of a friend of mine that knows of a situation that may have come up that they feel like would be a wonderful placement for this family! You never know until you get the word out! This could be the key to them finding a placement.

Maybe nothing will come of this, but there is a good chance that something wonderful will come of this!!! And the more info they get out there, the better!
I feel very sure that our children found their way to our family the way God intended. We love and appreciate the tender-hearted women that brought them into the world and gave them to our family.
Good Luck Julia and Brett! We shall be praying for your child's birthmom to find you!
If you have a blog and feel so led... please feel free to copy and paste this information in your blog, your facebook, anywhere that may get the word out to honest people about their desire to adopt!

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Julia said...

Thank you so much. You brought me to tears... again. :)