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5.06.2009 4 months

Got to spend some time with my baby, Cannon, during Easter week....Leah and Cannon flew down for his cousin, Ben's blessing. He got to see his Nelson grandparents and Aunt Rachel as well. What a happy boy! He looks just like leah at this age....same lack of hair!

sorry Kevin! forgot to rotate this picture! anyway...this is Kevin Nelson....cannon's grandpa!

we were using that weekend to try to get Cannon to use a bottle to give Leah a bit of a break....we used all sorts of trickery....he finally gave in....but not happily! He likes his mommy!

My sister, Eden, with her great-nephew.....isnt he stylin'!? Eden & Bill always give harley davidson wear to new babies....Cannon has on his HD t-shirt!
cute age when they start playing with toys....cannon is rolling over back and forth

sittin outside at Sonic after our trip to the wore all of us out!
no worries, Cannon.....naked but modest!
mom and cannon in the isnt spring without a bluebonnet picture!

he isnt asleep....the sun is just too bright!
baby Cannon amidst the bluebonnets

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Olivia Carter said...

Oh gosh, that is SO CUTE! He is a handsome fellow. Syd was bald until she was like 2. Poor girl! Her hair is still out of control!