this is me now


the beach

Easter weekend we headed to the Gulf of a beach not too far from Beaumont. The water was cold...but the weather was gorgeous and we dipped our toes.
under that can see his feet Ben....sun wasnt hot...just too direct for a little baby....Grandpa has the touch to keep him asleep
my feet......what a wonderful water swirling around soft just wiggled your toes, didnt you!?

what a cute picture....a quiet moment shared.

me and mr cannon....i love the beach, i love the water, i love the sand, i love cannon!

Cannon was fine until the water got a little chillier and a little higher than his toes.

the group...can you tell i like back shots? leah and cannon, ace, lyric, jasmine & david
ace at the Gulf
the far as you can see
lyric puttin her toes in the water

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