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baby ben

the many faces of Benjamin Aaron Hall...he hasnt been around long...only 2 months....but it feels like he's been here forever! He looks like such a little kid....not an infant...maybe its the hair....or his intense stare at you....he has the biggest dimples when he smiles

Ben at a few minutes old

Ben about 30 minutes the nursery...not happy!Ben after a few hours...finally in the room with mommy!
getting ready to go home from the hospital at 2 days old!
Is there anything better than a new baby to dress up and play with?
Ben sleeps with his arms up at the ready!

eyes open! yay! this is about 6 his shorts!

with his cousin, Cannon (4 1/2 months)...Ben at 6 weeks....gotta figure out that whole turn over thing....Cannon makes it seem so fun!
after an exhausting trip to the beach....6 weeks.
he is sustaining the authorities of the Church!
Grandma (me) got her boys matching dinosaur outfits

sound asleep at 8 weeks old....he sleeps a lot! growth spurt?

Ben asleep on Lyric & Ben's couch (yes...we are able to differentiate between the Bens and the Davids and the Aces in our family)
at IHOP in Houston at 2 months....right before i woke him up because he was too cute and i wanted to hold him....yeah...that went over well.

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Ashley said...

He totally does look like a little one year old with all that hair! He has a very mature look.