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Brian comes to visit

My cute nephew, Brian, is doing pest control down in Houston for the summer. He comes down to Fort Worth from Provo and we then take him to his job in Houston.....always looking for a reason to head over to Beaumont.

Brian and I are facebook buddies....we chat about school and girls at least once a week. He just got home from his mission to Thailand in December....he served the same place as Leah's husband, Joe!...they were there together! This is a sign on the way to Beaumont/ tradition says we stop and take a picture of an Ensign with the Ensign rd sign!
Brian and his roommate, Nate, arrived after driving 20 hours straight....they ate and slept....then Nate headed down to Austin for his job....Brian went to one of my dancingmoose shows....then all went to a Rangers Game.
David loving the game.....neither of us are big baseball fans....but we both enjoy being at the stadium....the environment...the fresh air....the hoopla!

the fans in front of us were WAY too into the hoopla...they bring mirrors and flashlights to distract the opposing team's pitcher! they have their MLB iphone apps up and ready....they knew every superstition (brian mentioned that there was a 'no-hitter' going....and they laughingly chewed him out for saying it out loud, thereby jinxing the Rangers....and then the next batter got a hit....there goes the no-hitter....Brian's fault
What a great experience for Ace to have...Brian is one of 5 he and Ace goofed around, played video games.....poked and jabbed and teased each other....what a blessing in Ace's life....cousins and brothers in law to 'male-bond'. Thanks Brian!

a long drive in the van gave them plenty of time to can see the joy on Ace's face!here is my take on the typical facebook pose......peace out!

Before we dropped Brian off...Lyric, David, jasmine & baby Ben were able to meet us in Houston for lunch....then we let Brian off and we strolled thru Ikea!


Olivia Carter said...

sweet facebook pic!

Jackie said...

Love the pictures! Brian's hair is out of control, he needs to tame that!

Merf said...

Brian laughed...said his family would react to the length of his hair!

Princess Mommy said...

Loved being able to see him, hes a great cus!