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Ben's Blessing---Easter Sunday

Benjamin Aaron Hall was blessed Easter Sunday, April 13, 2009 in Beaumont, TX. This was the same building that his mother, Jasmine, was blessed in 1988! Here are some pics from that wonderful day. Leah & Cannon came down for the blessing, as did my sister Eden from Austin area.....David Hall's grandparents and cousins also was a lovely weekend.
david has a great knack for comforting babies....not sure what cannon is looking at...but he's not crying!
all of my grandkids! some you can see....some you cant....ethan milo, benjamin aaron, john cannon and b+

here is the whole group...the weather co-operated. We have this same picture from when Jasmine was blessed.

david & I with Jasmine & David and baby ben

our sister Eden also came in for the weekend. what a good looking group!

David is a very attentive daddy

4 generations! It was great to have them all there.
preparing for pictures....Iva, David's cousin, Ben, Lyric, Leah
ben slept thru everything....except his blessing....his little vest outfit was so cute.

what a sweet family
the wonderful and significant things in life that bring us together.....all based on our faith in Jesus Christ and the gospel of righteousness. I'm blessed.


Jackie said...

What do you mean B+?? Love the pics of everyone, Cannon and Ben are adorable!

Princess Mommy said...

My baby is 2years old already?? I had a baby when i was 18 and not even married yet?? Love the pictures! :)