this is me now



David hall had been planning a surprise graduation party for jasmine for  months----so 2 weeks after lyric's graduation---we got back in our car and headed to Kenner to surprise her----she knew there was a party---but didn't know there would be parental units~!
 ben hall was very ready to graduate!
 two friends that hadn't seen each other since December---met up again at jas party

 david hall had this planned down to the colors and programs---agenda

 coach and iva came-----coach and david hall did most of the grilling
 iva had just gotten thru graduation at Lamar University that morning---so she brought her robes
 we're all waiting for jasmine to come home so we can surprise her

 this is during iva's graduation talk----had the kids spell out apple

 beth had a pink tongue from her snowcone



 getting a breathing treatment with her unicorn mask on makes it better

 playing princess with a unicorn to ride is even better
 I know ben's hat is knight helmet----but I think it looks like Marvin the martian

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Piter and Heidi said...

You have been one busy little bee.... love it...catching up is fun to do to do to do!!!