this is me now


lol----posted this when we got back from driving to florida----not sure how much is humor and how much is true

Dear daughters o'mine'

include yourself if you so feel included...

not come from my womb ---well one up AND THRU

who raised you this way? who taught you to make lunch as family was walking in the door
who raised you to plan every child rushing to me with theirs arms outstretched saying :granma!
who raised to you feed your children healthy food in the car so they would have to go to the bathroom?
who ever raised you sure loved you........she must be so proud
certainly she graduated early to show you how easily it can be done and to keep one focus always-----god only gives us one really cool gift
she certainly feels that if there were no men left around----we would be okay---except for killing bugs....that would be porter.
really----run off to a vegas weekend!??????really??????
shopping----certainly you were raised to know that the male of the population likes color---be it on toes or nails or hair or clothing
who raised you to put together a family home evening program of epic proportions---ah  Grandpa Ace came to you in a dream.

no one starved
no one got left behind
random strangers/family members cleaned random bums===we hope they were part of our group
florida is wonderful....will I ever drive in 2 cars with 6 little ones to get there? gosh---I don't think so.

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