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Lyric's graduation

Lyric and Jasmine both graduated this last month----yay! so proud of them for pushing thru and finishing---and still giving me grandchildren!  we gathered in Orlando to watch Lyric 'walk' and enjoy some beach time---dave and I drove to Houston---got in leah's car and we all drove to new Orleans where we joined with jasmine and her group---drove to Orlando---david hall joined us the next day----heres a bunch of pictures:
  UCF is a big school---this was the graduation for the College of Education and the College of Hospitality (did you know you  can get a Master's Degree in hospitality!?)
 Jasmine did her coursework online---so she was walking vicariously thru lyric!
                                                                    see her!?
                                                         met up with the grad after
                                                     these two have worked very hard to make this work for her
 just the adults went to graduation----that was a smart decision
 one of lyric's good friends opened up her home to host a graduation party---
 lots of friends---great spread (that is leah and cannon right there)
                                                        of course I took pictures of the tiers!
 cannon and ben enjoying the food
 Beckie Waters (the hostess) has great taste in serveware and decorations!
 lyric's happy birthday dress
                                                          porter! you are such a cutie!
                                                  milo was king of the hill---he knew everyone and loved to engage all the kids in games and toys
 Jonas is checking out what might be tasty!

 this is a friend of ben webb's from vidor---I think? there were lots of people there

  baby bella---grinning
 this is bella's favorite hand position---very comforting

                   we got a coupla babysitters (8 kids) and went to bubba gump for dinner
 we went to the beach twice---the first beach was full of lovebugs and the waves were very high---the next one was Daytona Beach---Ben Webb's greataunt has a condo right on the beach---it was so wonderful---sand was soft---water was nice.  we brought kites and beachtoys
                                                           look at that sky!
  joe had to work---so leah brought her troop by herself---well---with us in the car with her
 we got a 3 bdr condo for a coupla days----the resort had a balloon artist that made hats for the kids---so clever!

 Jonas and his whale----get it----Jonah and the whale
 porter waving his balloon rattle
 miss beth and her crown
had to include this picture----as we drove from Orlando to new Orleans to Houston to fort worth---what a great trip

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So much congratulations!!!! Yay!!!!