this is me now


because there werent enough weekends in may.....

after our trip to Orlando....then home for mothers day...then to kenner for jas' surprise....there was one weekend left in may---leah's birthday! we tried to make it a surprise---but that didn't work long---but she was happy to have us none the less.... joe had to work on Saturday morning----we went to the Museum of Natural Science----dinosaurs and butterflies!  then we went home and made cupcakes for mommy and decorated the house---all pink decorations 'because mommy is a girl'.  leah and joe went out to dinner and a movie while we stayed with the boys---took them to a dollar store and let them pick out a present for her---porter chose a coinpurse---Jonas chose an orange scrubber with a long arm---and cannon chose toy helicopters----- wise boy, grasshopper!   church on sunday and enjoying time with them made for a lovely weekend.
                                                       pink everywhere!
                                                     leah wore her princess crown!
                                                       what a fun crew
                                                           everybody wore birthday hats
                                                        .....and upside down
 porter got the leash for our trip to the museum-----not too happy about it

                                                     the dinosaur fossils and skeletons were big hits

                                                     grandpa with the boys outside the museum
                                                    we frosted the cupcakes----key lime green and pink lemonade
                                                        such a sugar rush!
 everyone got lit candles on their cupcake---um----cupcakes

 and everyone got to blow out their candles
 happy birthday sweet leah!
 I did say that everyone wore a birthday hat

 be glad you cant really see----but its a whole cupcake in jonas' mouth
 its fun to watch the kids realize their parents are people---have birthdays etc
 had to squeeze this in----leah & joe's ward the next day----they have a hand bell choir! played the prelude music and accompanied the congregation for all the songs except the sacrament---so cool.

 its a little dark---but this is porter with cannon's green lantern mask and cape on
 leah's friend brought over some beautiful cupcakes----porter went straight for the luscious frosting
                                                         he couldn't get enough
 the only reason i'm not licking the chocolate off his face is that he had a bit of a runny nose ---and I wasn't willing to take that chance
                                                       Jonas showing off his chocolate mustache
cannon thinkin he is pretty messy


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What a fun birthday celebration! I love all the fun artwork on the walls in Leah's house :)

Piter and Heidi said...

Princess crowns, pink, chocolate, and cake everywhere, bell choir, and toy helicopters.... what's not to love!!!

Piter and Heidi said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the leash... so much better than stress and worry and cars backing over them....and them running somewhere and not being able to find them... and....well, lets just say, leashes keep everyone (except the wearer of course) happier!!!